We will broaden our current products and services and adapt them to meet a new range of needs, making them more accessible, more responsible and more digital. We are expanding access to care across all regions (developing telemedicine, supporting new forms of medical practice, rolling out healthcare facilities in medical deserts etc.). From 2022, the Group is committed to ceasing all financing for new projects that are directly related to unconventional hydrocarbons, and for new oil or gas projects in the Arctic. This is notably made possible by accelerating our technological, digital and human transformation.

In this respect, we will make use of different Group initiatives, why would anyone buy a leasehold property and a strong growth in the health insurance policyholder base. The 50% cash pay-out policy will allow us to strike the right balance between attractive remuneration for shareholders and financing of the Group’s growth. Crédit Agricole has chosen to provide a service to both the least and most well-off, to micro-enterprises and to large international corporates, across all regions and channels. Acting for tomorrow, our Group project, our vision Since 2019, a model embodied by our Raison d’être and Group Project. In practice, in addition to our achievements since 2019, we will publish in 2022 and 2023 our decarbonisation strategies for our portfolios in 10 economic sectors representing 75% of global emissions and around 60% of our assets under management. For Credit Agricole S.A., this Plan aims to produce a net income of more than €6 billion., and to strengthen our profitability, which is already among the best in Europe, with a return on tangible equity of more than 12%.

Working every day in the interest of our customers and society

In real estate, we intend to integrate real estate offers within our advisory role at all of our banks. This major driver will help us benefit from synergies between our banking and real estate activities to significantly increase our market share, with the addition of renovation offers. Our target is to win more than one million customers by 2025.We also aim to improve customer equipment in terms of protection insurance, savings solutions, real estate etc. High organic growth potential across all of our markets and a target of more than one million additional customers for Crédit Agricole Group by 2025.

To this end, we are allocating around €20 billion to IT and digital sending over the period, including €1 billion for technological transformation investment programmes. We are stepping up our investments in digital banking for individual customers and professionals. Through targeted acquisitions,we aim to strengthen our positions on our domestic markets and will develop our international activitieswith a focus on Europe, in line with our profitability criteria. The burgeoning semiconductor industry of the 1950s was highly integrated, involving players who spanned the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging. As time went on, the industry embarked on a frenetic race towards miniaturisation, resulting in a significant increase in the density of transistors that could be etched onto each square millimetre of silicon wafer. The semiconductor industry today can etch as many as 300 million transistors per square millimetre.


It is the combination of social usefulness and universality that has allowed us to create a Bank focused on global and sustainable relationships with the largest customer base in Europe, putting competitive and innovative business lines at their service. Our historic business model, which combines Utility and Universality, and our DNA as a committed player in the major social transitions will allow us to achieve these targets. We will be able to support our customers throughout their journey, from assessment and advice to the completion of their road map, via the interim stages of installing and financing innovative infrastructure and equipment and creating new business models. In addition to this organic growth momentum, we expect to establish new partnerships with financial players and industrial leaders and will develop technological partnerships.


This will allow us to support our own installation and use of energy production equipment as well as that of third parties. Crédit Agricole Transitions & Energies will also roll out green energy offers to Group customers. In the long-term, 2030 and beyond, the Group is restructuring and is launching two new business lines that are useful for society and offer growth opportunities. We are launching Crédit Agricole Transitions & Energies to make energy transitions accessible to all and accelerate the advent of renewable energy. We are launching Crédit Agricole Santé & Territoires to facilitate access to healthcare and to ageing well across all regions.


This usefulness is our de to act in the interest of society as a whole, to make progress accessible to all and to support and major societal transformations as needs evolve. These strategies will be framed by short-, medium- and long-term action plans and will provide significant support to renewable energy and carbon-free mobility as well as to new green sectors and technologies. We are the leader in France in Payments for individual customers and retailers and will continue to grow with more offers and services. The development of all our business lines will be stepped up, particularly the Group’s cross-divisional business lines such as Payments and Real Estate, as well as technological services. These business lines enjoy strong and complementary growth momentum thanks to their leading positions on each of their markets.

CORRECTED-UPDATE 4-Banco BPM, Credit Agricole swap notes … – Reuters

CORRECTED-UPDATE 4-Banco BPM, Credit Agricole swap notes ….

Posted: Thu, 15 Oct 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Is part of this paradigm in which it is easier to think long-term than to predict short-term. As a mutual and cooperative group, we belong to our customers and are driven by this relationship.

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