That varies according to several things. Are you currently nevertheless contacts with your ex-girlfriend? If so, next positively keep her on the Facebook buddy number and as a Twitter follower. I believe that women and males are buddies — like actual, platonic buddies.

Incase your new really love interest has actually an issue with an ex uploading friendly things on the Facebook page, next she’s likely insecure about by herself or insecure regarding your connection. Nobody should actually ever show whom becoming friends with. Remember that.

Having said that, if circumstances did not stop really with you and your ex-girlfriend, this may be’s most likely far better cut ties all together. You ought not risk end up being away from your Facebook web page for more than five many hours and get back to a 10-posting sequence of Tori Amos movies. Will you? Deleting exes off of your social media just isn’t a black and white subject.

Your decision must gauged as to how things had been left.